Dear Student Me: Mollie

If you could go back and change one thing about uni what would it be?

What advice would you give your student self?

So often we reminisce on uni life; remembering good memories, cringing at the less wise decisions and appreciating how university shaped us into who we are today. Mollie has asked some recent graduates to write a letter to their student self to provide wisdom and perspective for current students. We hope that they encourage you to have hope, be bold and take risks!


Dear student me,

University is going to be a whirlwind of a faith adventure for you. It’s where you’re going to soar in your faith and also face the hardest trials of your life. You have no idea just how many people God will place in your life to help you through it all. You’re going to be closed off to begin with because you’re stubborn and think that you can conquer the world alone. Allow yourself to open up and be honest from the outset, you can trust them.

Buy yourself a notebook and learn to journal. God will constantly give you nuggets of wisdom, encouragement and prophecy through His word and His people. Write these words down so you can look back in the times of self-doubt and remind yourself that you are called to greater things. It wasn't a coincidence that you chose the church that you are serving in... God planted you in that church and called your Student Worker to the role for a reason, so listen to their advice first time around. Know that when you do make mistakes or don’t listen, God is still championing you on and is SO proud of you. His view of you will never change. 

Your university years will be where God grows your passion for students and gifting for evangelism and helps you develop these gifts. Embrace every opportunity to be stretched to encompass mission as a lifestyle. Watch and learn from the way your leaders live their lives in constant step with Jesus because you will, in turn, learn how to walk in step with God in every aspect because of it. 

So embrace the inconveniences, be open to being challenged and pushed in your faith and learn as much as you can from your Student Worker as you’re going to be them to other students sooner than you think.


Graduate you x


Mollie Chappell

Student Mission Developer

Mollie started student ministry in her final year of university and is passionate about seeing students discover and grow in their God given callings.

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