Hugh, Ellie & Ryan's Story

Around Easter time of 2018 a second year student called Hugh was speaking at his Church and invited his housemates to go along and support him. One of them, Ellie, went and really enjoyed the service. After hanging out with a few other students at the Church she got stuck into a small group that explored Christianity and started having more conversations about what her future would look like if God was involved. Over the Summer she committed to following Jesus with her entire life!

This student mission story is actually about the guy that she moved in with in September. His name is Ryan and he was toying with the big questions about creation after a tough few years at university. Ellie and Ryan have grown up in competitive sports and have always valued achievement in that sort of thing above all else. Overtime, he noticed how Ellie’s focus changed and how she held a different perspective on things that they both struggled with. 

Also a thing that you need to know about Ryan - HE LOVES TO PARTY. Just before Christmas, Ellie and Ryan struck a deal where she would only go on a club night with him if he came to Church with her before pre-drinks. He came along, was profoundly moved and just kept coming back.

He experienced forgiveness, found answers to a lot of his questions and made incredible friends in his first two months at Church

After giving his life to Jesus at the student weekend away, him and Ellie were baptised because of the hope they found  in Jesus and their home in the local Church.

The faithfulness of one brave student opening the door to invite his housemates to Church has resulted in two furiously faithful and fiery followers of God and the sowing of countless seeds that are to be reaped in years to come.

Emmie Burns

Regional Team Leader

Alongside leading the student work at her church in York, Emmie helps equip student ministries in reaching the thousands of students in their cities.

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