What if it could change someone's life forever?

"What if it could change someone's life forever?"

"What if God really is on the move with students, and all we have to do is join in?"

Each Wednesday since the start of term, a group of student workers, CU leaders and students have been going out onto Manchester uni campus with these faith-filled questions in mind.

Here's Rufaro's story from some of those Wednesdays...

Armed with creative and practical evangelical training, a passion to see our peers come to know Jesus and of course the Holy Spirit, the ‘mission to campus’ team take to the streets...

One Wednesday in October, after a streak of speaking to uninterested students, we came across a first year music student who we’ll call Q. We had a brilliant conversation with him, and he explained how he’d been struggling with anxiety and stress from uni work and the intensity of being in a new City. We offered to pray with him and he accepted. Turns out that Q had even heard of Audacious (the church I’m part of) and before he moved to university, his aunty, who had also never been to our church, told him to visit Audacious. We invited him to a student welcome event in a couple weeks’ time, but I forgot to get his number!

I spent the next week praying for Q, hoping that he wouldn’t bail or that I would bump into him again in the coming weeks. 

Amazingly, through what can only be explained as divine alignment, the following Wednesday afternoon, in the exact same spot, at the exact same time we bumped into Q again! It was crazy. He started telling us that he’d had an amazing week since we prayed for him, that he was no longer feeling crippled by his uni work load or anxiety.

His whole posture and countenance had changed.

This time we did exchange numbers, and he came to our student welcome party the following week, then tried out church the following Sunday. I was encouraged when I got a load of texts from Q telling me he was in the service! What's more was that at the end of the service Q came forward for the altar call, crying his eyes out. I stood and prayed with him and felt myself crying too. It was a great moment, and at the end of it all he recommitted his life to Christ!

Praise Jesus - He is on the move!

Maybe stepping out in faith really can change people’s lives forever.

Rufaro is a student worker at Audacious Church in Manchester. He loves to cook, laugh and tell people about Jesus.

Jo Davis

Student Mission Developer

Jo is passionate about seeing the church thrive and be a place where people can meet Jesus. She works with churches across the West & Wales to equip them to reach and disciple students.

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