Joining The Movement: Not sure if it's for you?

Have you read Fusion job adverts and checked out because the language is bold, it can take conviction to own and feels like a lot to live up to?

This blog is for those of you who haven’t applied because you don’t see yourself as ‘fiery’, you’re not sure if you feel ‘called to student mission’ or don’t back yourself as a ‘bold leader’ and a ‘firecracker’. I want to reframe what some of those words mean and unpack what we are looking for to grow the Fusion Team. 

Fiery leader - Are you looking at the state of play in student mission and thinking, this needs to change? 

Risk taker - Are you up for having a go, trying something new and helping others do the same?

Pioneer - Do you have creative dreams and ideas for the student work world and want to have a go? 

Have you answered yes to any of the above questions? 

We’re looking for team that have tenacity, focus, and want to see students finding hope in Jesus and home in the local church. We’re looking for people who are up for learning, for being part of a team and joining in with God’s mission to the student work world. The stakes aren’t any lower, the calibre of people we’re looking for isn’t any different, but don’t discount yourself and who God is asking you to be. 

Being a fiery leader, a risk taker or a pioneer are not things I would instinctively use to describe myself. I am not the same gal that applied to work for Fusion just under 4 years ago. I’ve been stretched, God has grown my vision for student mission, and others have called out qualities in me that I couldn’t see in myself and have chosen to invest in me.

Even now, I hear some of the bold language used around recruitment and can think that it doesn't apply to me, but it does. It is me. And if you’re still reading this blog, it’s probably you too, so get an application in! We want to hear from you. 

Check out some of the roles that we're recruiting for below...

Student Mission Developer 

Student Linkup Developer 


Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

It was at university that Katie learnt what it meant to follow Jesus, and she wants to see a generation of students invited to do the same. She loves it when students are bold in their faith and churches are creative in reaching students.

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