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“Most people are pretty bad question askers aren’t they? Are people even worse at listening? People just talk about themselves the whole time without listening to others.”

This was said by a friend of mine in an older generation. While there is a little sprinkling of grump in there, there is also lashings of truth!

Have you ever mentored a young person?

Have you ever met up with someone else to encourage them in their faith? Have you ever taken a student for coffee or had them round for lunch? If you haven’t, maybe it’s a good time to start! You will be amazed how much that student will appreciate the time you give them. 

I’ve done this for 20 years with hundreds of different students and it’s a wonderful privilege. One of the things I’ve learned is the art of a good conversation is all about good question asking. And then good listening!

What are you like at asking good questions? It’s not that easy is it? The Discipleship Deck is a great tool that helps you ask really interesting questions that help people to open up and share as deeply as they want to. Time and time again, I’ve been astounded as simple questions like, “What is your generosity costing you?”, “How do you rest and does it replenish you?” and “Are you living with any disappointment?”.

Escape the world of pings, alerts, notifications and reminders and immerse yourself in a meaningful conversation with a wonderful person. Discover more about one of God’s creations! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and yet, we know so little about each other.

Grab a Discipleship Deck today and begin the journey to better conversation and deeper friendships. 

We believe in the art of great question asking so we created a tool to help conversations get real, quickly. We want to get the Discipleship Deck into the hands of as many students, Student Workers and Small Group Leaders as possible so for this week only we are offering 10% off, no matter how many you buy!

Discipleship Deck 

Luke Smith

Fusion Team Leader

Luke has worked with students in church for 20 years. He loves helping churches figure out how to reach students. He leads the Fusion team to keep them sharp and focused as they serve the local church.

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