Who is your captain?

Luca Colacino is a second year student at the University of Manchester. Originally from Italy, he is Catholic, is passionate about Jesus and always seems to be smiling from ear to ear. Here is his journey of the last few weeks & what he is praying for you...

I was flying back to Germany on Monday before they shut the borders down. I had a connection flight to Stuttgart from Manchester and the airport was empty. Not many people were on the plane. I was the only person on my row and silence was all around.

The first flight was smooth and calm. When the second aeroplane took off the cabin lights went black and a loud and unusual noise broke out. It was only an hour flight, but the plane started to shake, and a violent turbulence hit us. That’s when the captain took the microphone and spoke to the passengers. ‘Ladies and gentlemen we are currently flying over Hamburg and we have just entered a very turbulent area. Please remain seated, we will land in Stuttgart in 25 minutes.’ 

In that moment I heard God speak to me asking: ‘Luca, who is the Captain of your life?’

I stopped and that question has been on my mind for the past two days. I am aware that at this chaotic time everyone has opinions, and everyone feels in need to say something. Yet, as I look at the chaos and anxiety of the world all around I hear God asking the same question to my friends, my family and every person in the world: ‘Who is the Captain of your life?’

I don’t know what your idea of God is. Maybe you think God doesn’t really care about the world at this point. Or maybe you think that even if God cared about the world, surely he doesn’t care about you because you’re not worthy of his love. Or maybe you think that what’s going on is actually God’s fault or even God’s punishment. The reality is that I don’t know why this is happening. What I do know is that life is trust.

Life is being on a plane where we are constantly suspended in the air, where nothing is really firm as we wish it was.

And as much as I am proud and I praise human ingenuity, medicine, science and social solidarity I have to acknowledge that humans are fundamentally fragile. Life is beautiful, yet ephemeral and fleeting. In times like ours when we are immobilised by the insecurity of the present and the uncertainty of the future we are surrounded by fear and anxiety. We start fighting against the unknown until we realise that we are not in control.

The reality is that we are on a plane and we are not the captain.

But we have a choice. We get to choose who we want to take control over our life. And this is when God gets closer to us again and in kindness and patience asks us: ’Who is the Captain of your life?’ Here is Peace. Would a God who died on a cross to prove how much he loves you be worthy of your trust for him to be the Captain of your life? This is not easy. But in the turbulence the captain takes the mic and talks to his folk bringing words of Peace and Comfort. 

Life is beautiful, but it is real. And in times like this, we realise that our lives are too fragile not to ask why we are alive. And from the depth of my heart I want to ask you: ‘Who is the Captain of your life?’  

Whether you know Jesus or not, I am praying that you might be covered by his Peace and secure in his love in this time of uncertainty.

Jo Davis

Student Mission Developer

Jo is passionate about seeing the church thrive and be a place where people can meet Jesus. She works with churches across the West & Wales to equip them to reach and disciple students.

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