The one with Three Questions

Where Are You?

This is the first question God asked human beings (Adam and Eve). God was looking for them and was searching for them whilst they were hidden among the trees in the garden from him because they were afraid and ashamed. It's interesting, because it wasn’t God’s idea - they thought that if they hid, God wouldn’t search for them and wouldn’t find them. When God asks this, he is showing he is relational and forgiving, and that he wants a relationship with them rather than lording and ruling over them. What about you? Why are you hiding from God? What’s holding you back? Maybe it’s time to come out of the place you’re hiding?

Whether you feel close or far from God, I assure you that God is not far from you. He is right there with you and telling you "Don't be afraid, I am and I will always be with you, but where are you? Where do you want to be in relation to me?"

Further Reading Genesis 3


"Do You Love Me?"

Yet, here is another significant question in the Bible; this time one that Jesus asked Peter before his Ascension (according to the Gospel of John). In fact he asked him this question three times. But have you ever asked yourself why Jesus asked Peter this question three times? Could it be because he wanted him to fix his eyes on him before sending him out and commissioning him to go and make disciples of all nations, only because he wanted him to work from a place of rest and intimacy in him? Or could it be because he wanted to assure him that he was forgiven, as a reference to when he denied Jesus three times before Jesus’s crucifixion? Or could it perhaps be an invitation to love him, worship him and to assure him that his presence was with him and nothing could separate Peter from God's love for him? 

How about you? What’s stopping you from turning to him and loving him?

Further reading John 21:15-17


Do You Want to Follow Jesus?

One thing that Jesus did regularly was to invite people to “follow” him. It’s an invitation that he offers to you too (whether for the first time or hundredth time). The Bible tells us that he loves us so much that he died for us and by his death he gave us the gift of great forgiveness. Do you know that you are forgiven?  


The first question is for us to recognise where we are in our relationship with God. The second invites us to respond and be assured that God loves us no matter what, and the third asks us to make a choice to respond to his unconditional love by following him.

If you want to respond to this, why not try church online and discover more of God’s heart and purpose for your life? You can join my church this Sunday or find one local to you. 

Maral Assadzadeh

Student Mission Developer

Maral is passionate about students because she first experienced God’s love at uni. She is part of the West & Wales Regional Team serving churches to reach the 99% of students who don't know Jesus.

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