What if I've been wired for mission all along?

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” [Matt 28:19-20]

“Therefore go…”

With this sentence, Jesus didn’t give us an instruction manual. He didn’t say we each need to stand on street corners and shout about him. But he did give us a mandate and a posture, a way of living as his people.


We are to go, to move, to act. We are to join in, to play a part, to do something.

But how you play your part in this story is up for grabs. How you ‘go,’ is up to you. What if you've been wired for this mission all along?  


‘Therefore go…’

Chono is a final year student in Manchester, and student worker at her church. She has been using Mission Styles to help her student group discover what it might look like for them to ‘go,’ and be on mission with God. 

In the process, she discovered that she has a ‘Show Me’ Mission Style: she is practical and down to earth, she values efficiency and notices practicalities. It’s important for her to see the difference faith makes in people’s lives, and she's good at demonstrating these differences in her own life too.

So Chono simply started praying that people around her really would start to notice the difference that faith makes in her life. She started sharing and talking about these things more too. She had new confidence and was expectant and ready for people to want to know more about her faith. 

Recently, a friend who hadn’t ever asked Chono much about her faith before, got in touch and asked where she could start in re-engaging with faith and with church! There were things she struggled with about the Christian faith, so she'd given up a while back. But she knew Chono went to church and served a lot and had seen how she lives her life, so decided to ask for help with where to start again. Being systematic and practical, Chono talked her through the Bible and where to start, and sent an article to help her think through faith again. They're now starting a new journey of exploring it all together!


Sometimes all it takes is to remember to ‘go’ and to be yourself. 

How do you want to share your faith today? How are you wired? What will you actually enjoy doing, sharing or talking about?

We're all called to ‘go,’ but this can look different for each of us.

Why not discover your mission style, learn how you’re wired to share faith and have some fun with this today?

Go on, go...

Jo Davis

Student Mission Developer

Jo is passionate about seeing the church thrive and be a place where people can meet Jesus. She works with churches across the West & Wales to equip them to reach and disciple students.

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