I've lost my last summer before uni

Summer looks so different for the typical christian fresher-to-be

Maybe it was that final holiday you had planned? Maybe you had a summer job lined up which has vanished? Or perhaps you were planning on hanging out with all of your mates one last time before you all move away to uni. 

Getting Prepared

One of my highlights of every summer is running stands at the various Christian Festivals. There is a buzz in the air as I chat to students who are on fire for Jesus and getting ready to step onto campus. They'd eagerly ask what resources we had which would help them start uni well. They'd be buzzing to attend meet-ups with other student first years. They'd be comparing churches with their mates that they found on Student Linkup.

Emily, one of the young people from my church who started uni a couple of years ago described that final festival season before uni. 

"Uni can be so so hard at the beginning when you don’t know other Christians and I think a really big party of living distinctively and being a good witness is being rooted in God. Summer festivals were so key to that because you’re kinda forced to talk about and think about your relationship with God seriously."

Obviously we won't have that opportunity this year to meet with you and chat through all these things in person. 

The Same but different. 

All is not lost. We have created spaces for you to put aside the distractions and chat about how your relationship with God will affect the way you start University. Our Preparation for University sessions group you with a bunch of other students who are also starting uni this year and give you the opportunity to explore how to start well, how to thrive in the culture, explore all the opportunities that Uni offers, and to begin thinking about the legacy you will build while on campus. Obviously there is space to chat through the unique circumstances of starting uni this year as well as to process some of the feelings and thoughts that you may have. 

We are also still posting out Student Linkup Boxes which contain everything you need to prep well for uni other than a set of fresh bed sheets and crockery! Make sure to grab one now and I promise you won't feel like your summer has been wasted. 

Life with Jesus is a long-term adventure not a summer of difficulty

Remember that God's not in lockdown and he knows where you are at. Make sure to sign up to our Preparation for University sessions to figure out where your next God adventure will take you!

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash

Ben Jackson

Regional Team Leader

Ben found Jesus at university by getting plugged into a local church. He now leads the South team in resourcing churches as they show more students Jesus for the first time.

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