A Story of God's Unchanging Will

Louise is a student worker at St Thomas’ in York. 


A few years ago Louise started a ‘Counter-Cultural night’ where the students and young adults at her Church could explore the big questions of life together. Originally, four students would go along to the midweek group however Louise committed to praying for their attendance to grow and for people to invite their mates. 2 years ago she prayed for 16 people and by the end of that year 16 people were going along. 

Over last summer she wanted to see even more growth and so at the Fusion Conference she prayed for 25 people to be committed to their small group by the end of the year. Sure enough, during the first and second term of this year, the group started growing again - but unfortunately so did the pandemic.

Despite the circumstances, a few weeks into lockdown Louise and her team realised that their online small group had grown so much that they were having to multiply it. When asked how many were in her group, Louise counted 25 people!


“We’ve found the sweet spot between discipleship and evangelism that we struggled to find for a while - it feels exciting”


Since starting the group, St Thomas’ students have gotten more integrated in the wider Church, they have made space for more outreach events, they’ve been inviting their friends along and have seen many try church for the first time, connect with faith, and find Jesus along the way. salvations, One of which being their now student intern, Caleb (pictured above) who tried church for the first time in September 2018!


Through faith students have come to faith and are even sharing it with their families back in their hometowns.

Let’s not forget that the God we love, loves to fulfil his promises to us. He is unshakeable and all-knowing. He hears our prayers and brings restoration.


Emmie Burns

Regional Team Leader

Emmie wants to see students step into their authority to be risk-takers for Jesus. She is passionate about equipping churches to connect with, disciple and empower students to share their faith.

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