I Got The Power!

I don’t know about you but change makes me NERVY. Like most people, I like the feelings of safety and control that I get from being in my comfort zone. As soon as circumstances change around me, whether that be frequent, natural occurrences such as going from the weekend back into the working week or something as big as moving countries, it takes me time to feel like my feet are on the ground and like my head is on my shoulders. 

Moving to university and all the shifts that take place or even just moving back after months at home is a whole shake-up on its own NEVER MIND under the current restrictions that we have to adhere to. 


When we go through change, it’s easy to retreat into a safety bubble and hang onto any form of control you can seem to get your hands on. The only thing is, however relieving that can feel at first, it is so easy to be lulled into a diluted version of yourself where you only do things that feel ‘safe’ until you eventually end up making decisions and living out of fear.


In 2 Timothy 1 Paul tells us that God has not given us a spirit of timidity but instead one of power, love and self-discipline


These 3 words are not just some nice encouragements, but powerful truths and tools that our God has equipped us with. When it comes to going out of your way to introduce yourself to someone new or to invite people round for dinner or ask your housemates to watch church with you, it is this self-discipline that we can use to CHOOSE to step out of our comfort zones and into God’s power in order to show love to others that will ultimately bless both you and them.

If you’re stepping onto campus for the first time or for the third year in a row, however shaken you may feel, remember that you were created to be fiercely bold and to ferociously love.

Know whose you are and the authority you already carry and step out in the knowledge that you will experience more of Jesus’ love… and hopefully show it to some others along the way.

Emmie Burns

Regional Team Leader

Emmie wants to see students step into their authority to be risk-takers for Jesus. She is passionate about equipping churches to connect with, disciple and empower students to share their faith.

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