The Edge Of The Cliff

As I work through my final year at university, the horizon of working life that once seemed so far away is getting ever closer. I know for many of us, it feels like being the passenger in a car without a driver, that’s accelerating towards the edge of a cliff. 

There are so many questions you may be asking yourself at the moment, I know I am. Will I get to graduate? Will I see my friends again? What comes next? I’m sure, like mine, your final year of university isn’t what you expected and likely isn’t what you were planning...but what if I told you that all of this was in someone’s plan?

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Good news! This was all accounted for in God’s plan for your life, this is not His plan B. You’re exactly where you need to be, with the people you’re meant to be with, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. He is in full control, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Maybe we need to stop asking all of the never-ending ‘what’ questions, and start trusting in the never-changing 'who'. 

The car that’s approaching the edge of the cliff does have someone in the driver’s seat, and He is the most qualified driver there ever was and will be. Not only that, He built the car you are in and He knows exactly what it is capable of. If you’ve ever seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you’ll remember that they didn’t realise the car had everything they needed to survive the challenges and the cliff edges.

The truth is, much like Chitty, the life God has planned for you is full of unexpected joy, life-giving friendships and perfectly timed opportunities that you didn’t think, expect or imagine would be possible. All the tools you need are already in your backpack; God has been equipping you from the moment you were formed. When it feels like you’re in a car that can’t fly, God is at the wheel in full control of a vehicle that He has custom built for you to soar in. 

Final year may feel like approaching the edge of the cliff, but it might just be a build up to something beautiful; a catapult sending you into the best adventure you’ve ever been on. All you have to do is trust in the car, and most importantly, trust the Driver. I challenge you to join me in praying this little prayer each day this week, and any time you feel fear about the future. 

Heavenly Father, thank you that you have great plans for my life! Thank you that you will never let me down or leave me. Today I choose to trust you with my fears, my final year and my future. Amen!

Holly Bisset

Student Mission Developer

Holly's faith was set on fire at university when she joined her local church, and she's devoted to seeing students transformed by the hope and love of Jesus. Holly builds relationships with churches across the North East and helps to equip them.

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