What to expect during your first week of university

Your new chapter awaits...

You’ve hauled your boxes up 10 flights of stairs, had a parent cry on the journey and met your new house mates for the next year. Now what? Every University and city will have their own way of welcoming students in, but let’s start with some basics of what to expect. 

Pace yourself- Mark 6:31 

Moving to university is a big time of change and the first few weeks can feel overwhelming but also exciting at the same time. You’re likely to have the university, churches, local pubs and clubs all putting on activities to ensure you can explore this new city. Make the most for sure, but also remember to pace yourself as you have at least 3 years to explore! 

Try Churches- Hebrews 10:25 

What you get stuck in with at the start, can shape the next few years more than you would think. Trying churches as early on ensures that you can genuinely give churches a go and get stuck in as soon as you’ve made a decision and committed. If you haven’t yet downloaded Fusion’s Student Linkup app, then download and get connected with student workers and church leaders in your city. Go for coffee and get to know what they are about. 

Be friendly- Philippians 2:3 

Sorry to all you introverts, but your first few weeks at university will consist of meeting lots of new people, having the same conversations and forgetting their names. You don’t have to become best buds with everyone and in fact you won’t, but be intentional with those you get along with. Invite them over for dinner, organise a pub trip, host a movie night. Everyone is in the same boat and just wants to make friends as soon as possible. 

Budget well- Proverbs 23:5-5 

Your student loan has just hit and never have you had so much money in your bank at once. Remember this has to last you for the first term, which is likely to be more expensive with more socials and free time on your hands. Budget ahead of time knowing that it might cost you more. CAP can help you build your budget so you can start university off well. 

Make the most- Matthew 28:16-20 

You’re only a fresher once and your time at university will fly by, so make the most of opportunities to show the light of Jesus on campus. You’re called to this city for a degree, but most importantly to be missionaries to reach the lost around you. It’s called the great COmission for a reason and you aren’t alone in this adventure. Join us in reaching YOUR city and YOUR campus. The earlier on people know you follow Jesus, the easier you will find it to show them what living like Jesus looks like. You might be the only Bible your peers ever read. 


Charlie Lavin

Student Mission Developer

Charlie found her passion and calling for students whilst in her first year of university. She is excited about seeing others step into their own callings. She builds relationships with churches across the south to encourage and equip them with student mission. 


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