A heart for student mission...made of flour, eggs, sugar and butter


Mads what is your heart for student mission?’ I often feel inundated with things I could say and overwhelmed with where to start. My heart is one of discomfort and joy, equipping and releasing and of the Spirit bubbling up across cities all in the name of students tasting and seeing that God is good.



This is where I begin in my heart for student mission. Used to give cake a foundation in the gluten it provides, flour allows other ingredients to blend in with it to create the core structure of a cake.

My heart for student mission begins with my heart for Jesus and love for Him. My story and the difference Jesus made in my life drives me on a mission to tell others. This then took me to a place of sadness knowing that I had friends who didn’t know what I knew. Our foundation is Jesus and our call is to a heart for mission.

-What is your story? Your foundation for student mission? What is the vision and why behind the mission?


Originally used simply to bring stability to the structure of cake, the bonus discovery is that having egg in cake brings a richness and flavour to what would otherwise be a dense, flat, bland mess. 

My heart is to see students and Churches equipped to reach students. I’ve spoken to students across the country who know they want their friends to know Jesus, but don’t know how to tell them. I joined Fusion to support the local Churches to reach students and release and catalyse them for mission. 

-Where are Christian Students falling flat and feeling flat in mission? Where do they need equipment to feel able to share with their friends the richness that Jesus brings?


Butter allows for steam and carbon dioxide to bubble up and become trapped in the batter causing it to rise. Without the rising, building and bubbling the cake becomes dry, wilted and dehydrated. 

My heart is to see faith rising as Students and Churches cry out on their knees for the Spirit to move. It is to see the lost found, those in the dark brought to light and those trapped and alone brought into freedom in God.

-Where do you long for a fresh wave of the Spirit to bubble up and cause the faith to rise?


The previous steps are practical. Realistically, a cake still looks like a cake without sugar in it, that being said, it is the sugar that makes the cake sweet to taste and a joy to consume. 

My heart is to taste and see God’s goodness in His story of history. It is to pray and to intercede for faith to rise, for the Spirit to surge across campus and excitement to bubble up around the mission of God on campus.

-Where are the joys, the wins, the stories of ‘mission success’ that you have seen? How can you remind yourself of those when the call to mission feels hard?

Perhaps it is because I am a Baker by name, but I see a generation of students hungry for something that they haven’t even tasted yet. As the faith rises, I see the scent of the Spirit meandering down uni stairwells and gliding through campuses.

My heart is for students to not just be intrigued by this scent, but it is for students to be invited by their friends to join in the banquet and to feast at the table of the King of Kings.



Mads Baker

Student Mission Developer

During Mads' time at Uni, the local church played an integral part in allowing Mads' faith to become her own. She is now passionate about equipping churches to do the same for others, in order to see the lives of students transformed during their time at uni.

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