8 ways to prepare your young people for University

Wondering how you can best support your young people as they head off to University? 

I recently spoke to a couple who volunteer their time to support the youth at their Church. It was such an encouragement to hear all they are doing to make sure their young people are well-prepared for University, below are 5 of the amazing ways they do this.


how you can prepare your school leavers for University:

1. Equip them with budgeting tools 

  • Offer your youth top tips for using their student cards for discounts
  • Help them plan how to control spending on nights out (cash only, use a different card, and have a limit)
  • Make use of CAP money course resources 

2. Bring in current students to share their experiences 

  • Get current students to share their experience of Uni
  • Debunk Uni myths together (i.e 'you have to go on 3 nights out a week')
  • Share how they can get involved in societies and the importance of finding a Church

3. Cook meals with them 

  • Cook food together with the youth to teach them easy but healthy meals 
  • Eat together to show the value of community around the table 
  • Share recipes and top tips for cooking on a budget 

4. Message them as they begin Uni 

  • Message each student to check in during the first few days of Uni
  • As they get more settled, drop the students a message every few weeks 
  • Be available to chat to/text 

5. Visit them & encourage them

  • The start of Uni can feel overwhelming so going to visit each student at their Uni halls can be a huge help
  • Ask the sending Church to post and write encouraging cards to the new students to help them settle 
  • Offer to go to Church with the students if they are nervous about trying a new church for the first time 

Here are some other ways that as Fusion we can help and support your young people as they head off to Uni

6. Student linkup app 

  • We have an app that tells students all the Churches in their local area 
  • It allows them to message student workers and Church leaders directly 
  • The app tells you what is on for students at each local Church

7. Prep for Uni training 

  • At Fusion we work with Churches globally to help them reach students and prepare students for University 
  • We would LOVE to come and visit your youth and chat with them about how they can live for Jesus at Uni and find a local Church!

8. Student linkup box

  • We have a box FULL of helpful books and tools for your young people as they head off to Uni


If you would like one of the Fusion team to come and help your youth to get prepared for University then do get in contact with us and we'd love to come and help! You can email us at hello@fusionmovement.org

Mads Baker

Partnership Developer

During Mads' time at Uni, the local church played an integral part in allowing Mads' faith to become her own. She is now passionate about equipping churches to do the same for others, in order to see the lives of students transformed during their time at uni.

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