Week 28 - Atheist to Exodus

How powerful is the Bible really? Is it accessible enough for students? Shouldn’t we wait until new students come to Church then consider telling them more about the Bible? 

Right now, something is happening. Something different, something new, something amazing. 

As a Fusion team, we are hearing the same stories over and over again.

Stories of students being awakened to the love of God not because they’ve been invited, but because He has been revealing himself to them in hidden places. 

Students are coming to faith by encountering the power of God through The Bible and being transformed as a result.


The same is true for a student in Lincoln we will call ‘Sarah’.

Two months ago Sarah messaged our church's student Instagram page saying she was new to religion and was interested in finding a Church. We met for coffee and I got to hear her story…

Sarah had grown up in an atheist household all of her life and had never explored faith before. However, when the time came to prepare to go to University in September one of the first things to go in her suitcase was a Bible. A Bible she had never read. 

Towards the end of a tough first term at University Sarah decided to open the Bible she had brought from home and begin to read it. She didn’t know what compelled her to begin reading, but she began at Genesis and read, and read and read. 

When Sarah got halfway through Exodus she came to the almost easy conclusion that This. Must. Be. True.

When I heard this I was gobsmacked - ‘How on earth could someone find faith through reading Genesis and Exodus? If she thinks that is good, wait until she hears the gospel, it will blow her socks off!’

Since then Sarah has been on our student weekend away, she has started reading the Bible with a small group, and in the last fortnight has invited two new friends to Church! 

Stories like this are becoming more and more frequent but never any less amazing! 

God is moving through his Spirit, compelling students to be sparked by curiosity in faith. 

The Bible has the power to change lives as the living breathing word of God. 

Students are waking up to the love of God, the question is - are we ready? 

Every week of the academic year, we are sharing a story of student mission. If you have a story to share, let us know.

Mads Baker

Partnership Developer

During Mads' time at Uni, the local church played an integral part in allowing Mads' faith to become her own. She is now passionate about equipping churches to do the same for others, in order to see the lives of students transformed during their time at uni.

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