Live Below the Line - your invite

5 days | £5 each | 5 celebrities | 5,000 people | Raising over £500,000

In May 2012 we invite you to join the movement and

Live Below the Line for Christian Aid

5 days eating off £1 a day, 7-11 May*, you can raise money to fight extreme poverty.

What is Live Below the Line?

There's not much you can do with £1. In fact, you can't even buy a beer, a burger, or a bus ticket. However, surviving on this small amount each day is the reality for the 1.4 billion people currently living below the Extreme Poverty Line.

Live Below the Line is a challenge for people in developed countries to live on the same amount as those living in extreme poverty. The World Bank defines this as what you could buy in the US for $1.25, roughly the equivalent of £1 here in the UK.

Take the challenge!

RAISE FUNDS as an individual or as part of a group by being sponsored to Live Below The Line for Christian Aid.

TAKE ACTION & RAISE AWARENESS for Live Below the Line and the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty.

- Write for your University / College newspaper and engage others with the campaign.

- Speak with your Student Union Representative and get Live Below the Line on the agenda at your next meeting.

- Distribute flyers and campaign material around your campus.

- Organise a Live Below the Line social event and inspire others to help.

- Blog about your experiences and share ideas with friends using Facebook & Twitter.

- Tag your own Live Below the Line diary entry to our dedicated YouTube channel.

What’s different about Live Below the Line?

- Going beyond concerts: Live Below the Line raises awareness of the challenges faced by people living in extreme poverty to a mainstream audience through public appeal whilst raising funds for organisations who work to eradicate it.

- Going deeper than a famine initiative: Live Below the Line is a challenging and meaningful way to think about and have an experience of extreme poverty being more than about hunger: but about lack of choice and opportunity.

- Going wider than a sponsored sports event: Live Below the Line is something that everyone, even ‘people like me’ can do. No climbing mountains or jumping out of aeroplanes required!

More about Christian Aid

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

We work globally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. We are part of a wider movement for social justice.

We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes. 

More information?

To sign up or find out more visit

or email

* Live Below the Line challenge week is 7-11 May, but you can take part for any consecutive 5 days in May.

Rich Wilson

Fusion Movement Leader

Rich loves students and God’s church and has championed the important role of local churches in student mission for over 25 years. He wants to invite a generation to A Call Less Ordinary.

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