Go fully prepared

Over the last decade Fusion has prepared tens of thousands of students for their university years. These sessions are designed to help you lay the very best foundation for your time at university and think about who you want to be, how you want to live and what you want to achieve.

The university years are to be treasured and enjoyed. They are an opportunity to learn and explore many new things and they help determine the course of your life. The Student Linkup sessions cover four themes:

1.    University – The Start
Session one begins to address all the questions someone starting university asks and explores wise advice to combat anxieties and build confidence.

2.    University – The Culture
Session two lifts the lid on student culture so you can get involved with your eyes wide open and be confident in facing the challenges and opportunities.

3.    University – The Opportunities
Session three explores the need to choose wisely what you do with your time and which of the vast array of opportunities you could invest in.

4.    University – The Legacy
Session four helps you see your university years in the context of your whole life and how they can be foundational for you and for others. 

Our hope is that as you work through them on your own, with a friend or in a group, you will feel prepared in every way for the adventure of university life.

Our prayer is that by the end of the sessions you will be confident that God is with you, his hand is on your life and that you will be convinced that life with God at university is the ultimate adventure.

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The Student Linkup Sessions can be read as an individual or in a group as part of a preparation for university course. It is £5 per book, but can also be purchased as part of our Student Linkup Box, which will be available next month. The Student Linkup Box is full of preparation for university resources including, Studentscape, Student Alphabet and Fuse Magazine, all for just £10. Both the Student Linkup Sessions, and the Student Linkup Box are incredibly valuable tools for Youth & Student workers as they prepare school leavers for university. 

Watch the Student Linkup Session films here

Rich Wilson

Fusion Movement Leader

Rich loves students and God’s church and has championed the important role of local churches in student mission for over 25 years. He wants to invite a generation to A Call Less Ordinary.

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