some personal thoughts for a new decade

I have a sense of anticipation for 2010 but also for this new decade.

I sense a new resolve and purpose in my spirit to make a difference through living for God and have been asking questions that start with ‘in 10 years time…’ and end with things like:

  • Who will be my friends?
  • What will my relationship with my wife and kids be like?
  • Who else will I journey with?
  • What will I have contributed?
  • How will I have changed?
  • And ultimately…Who will I have become?

Beyond those more personal questions, I have a few more awkward questions. Ones that aren’t easy to articulate but are around being Church, seeing this generation live for God, seeing this generation of Christians live for God, seeing men connect with church, seeing the gospel transform lives and communities. It is awkward because I think somewhere in these questions is the word revival.

Nearly two decades ago I really wanted revival because it filled me with excitement, nearly two decades on with some sobriety I really want revival because the church in the UK is one generation from extinction. We’re a nation in need of a doctor who can perform miraculous heart surgery and who can prescribe peace and joy in abundance.

A whole generation is waiting and watching.

They are filling their lives with all sorts of stuff, but it isn’t working. 

Fusion’s work among students is only just beginning and we maybe have only 20% of the partnerships we need to see this generation turn to God. I am convinced that it is a ‘fusion’ of churches from across the UK that will create, facilitate and harness a move of God among students. But what is at stake is more than local churches just having a student ministry. It is the ongoing evangelisation of this nation and the releasing of future Christian leaders in the church and society. Let’s rise to the challenge so that today’s 9 year olds who will be enjoying freshers week before the decade is out walk into a move of God among students!

So, as we enter into the second decade of twenty first century student mission, we need your help as the ‘loveyouruni’ project goes from place to place and strength to strength - sowing seeds of the gospel of hope and hopefully seeds of revival. We need your help to prepare each generation of school leavers to live for God at uni. And we need you help to keep going for another 10 years. Thanks for your help and encouragement so far, greater things are to come! 

May you live courageously this year and in the decade ahead and if we can help you do that – we will.

Rich Wilson

Fusion Movement Leader

Rich loves students and God’s church and has championed the important role of local churches in student mission for over 25 years. He wants to invite a generation to A Call Less Ordinary.

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