A dream that changed my life

I was 22, just married and off on a post-honeymoon trip to Zimbabwe inspired by a prophetic word and a sense of adventure. We didn't know anyone personally in Zimbabwe, friends of friends at best, kind strangers in reality.

On our first night I had a vivid dream. In it I heard a loud SOS call that seemed to be summoning me, beeeep-beeeep-beeeep, it grew louder and louder as if drawing near. I then heard a quiet but clear voice say, “Go to the nations” and then I saw numbers of flags flashing up before me. I woke abruptly, very aware of God’s Presence, thinking, “I don’t know what that meant, but it meant something!”

The following year Fusion challenged churches to send students to pray and bless the churches and universities of Europe. We responded by driving from Manchester to Brussels in my rusty old Ford Fiesta.

As we prayed around Brussels I came to a communications station on the university campus - it was an SOS station. Suddenly I had a flashback of my dream. "This is it!” I thought, I was in the nations responding to the SOS call!

That was 10 years ago. A word fulfilled. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the word hasn't reached its best before date? I believe a heavenly SOS call is going out to churches all across Europe.

Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep

"Go to the nations!"

Europe is more than a tourist destination. Student mission is more than one church or one university. There are around 20 million students in Europe with under 1% knowing Christ.  

We need a fleet of rescue ships of all shapes and sizes to announce and demonstrate Jesus’ salvation. Kingdom communities designed to reach a generation isolated and starved of the reality of God’s love.

To respond to this SOS we’ll need connection, co-operation and commissioning from churches, leaders and students from across nations bound by love and committed to dream together.

Our ships don’t save, we’re not Jesus, our ships don’t set a course, we’re not the Holy Spirit, but we've tasted the Father’s love firsthand and that compels us to present his Son to the student world. On this mission we don't fear failure or rejection because we’re wildly loved and free to show up in that love.

So, how can we respond to this SOS?


Student Linkup - Invite friends/church workers in other nations to create a profile for their church on our map. studentlinkup.org.


Escape and Pray  - Book on and fly out with a couple of friends for 48 hours to pray and bless Europe. Oh, remember you won’t know where you’re going until you arrive at the airport, you’ll have limited money and the challenge is the mission. escapeandpray.org


Fusion’s European Developer - Let me know what you’re doing and your dreams for reaching Europe’s students. alan@fusion.uk.com

This is my prayer for Europe’s students...

May these students see

Their Father running toward them.

May they feel his embrace.

And hear his tender words.

May their hearts come alive

And their perception soar

May they go on this wild adventure

To risk all to share the father’s love.

What's your prayer?