“Could it be that in Europe a fire is being stoked and the universities are the kindling?”

Between 9-19th June, over 40 teams of students are embarking upon #escapeandpray - 48 hours in a European university city to pray their best prayers for students, churches, and anyone they meet. Here’s the catch- they only find out which city they’re going to upon arriving at the departure airport.

From there the mission is simple: pray for the university, connect with the church and be ready to be used by God.

Have you been joined by a team?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know about your #escapeandpray experience, or if you have any questions, by getting in touch with Grace McSharry, a member of our International Team.

Hear the stories:

Our blog is being updated with the highlights from the teams’ adventures daily, and you can see plenty of tweets and photos by searching #escapeandpray on Twitter and Instagram.