‘Could it be that in Europe a fire is being stoked and the universities are the kindling?’

#EscapeAndPray is 48 hours in a European university city to pray your best prayers for students, churches and anyone you meet. You will find out which city upon arriving at your departure airport.

The mission is simple: pray for the university, connect with the church and use faith to improvise and be ready to be used by God. 

This is a mission adventure, not a city break. Think pilgrim not tourist.

Pricing & Applications

Escape & Pray 2017 is limited to 50 teams.

  1. Early-early Bird rate: £115 per person. 15 teams of 2-4 people (Applications closed 31st Jan 2017)
  2. Early Bird rate: £125 per person. 25 teams of 2-4 people (Applications close 31st March 2017) Apply Now!
  3. Standard rate: £135 per person. 10 teams of 2-4 people (Applications close 30th April 2017)

Choose your own 48 hr period departing any time between the 9th - 19th June 2017 and apply now

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