Escape and Pray D.I.Y- Challenges

It’s up to you and your team to keep asking God what He sees, and to allow Him to guide your steps. However, why not consider these challenges whilst you’re away, in order to facilitate your effectiveness on mission. If your group has more than one team travelling to different nations, you could also have a friendly competition between you!

  • Prayer walk on a uni campus
  • Complete a random act of kindness
  • Enjoy local hospitality, share a meal with new friends
  • Visit a church meeting and share the E&P vision
  • Give a prophetic or encouraging word
  • Pray for and encourage a student
  • Pray for and encourage a church
  • Pray for someone to be healed
  • Share your testimony with a stranger
  • Worship in public with your team

Let us know how your challenges go, or if you're gearing up for your trip!

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