Escape and Pray D.I.Y- Practicalities

You’ve got the vision, you’re all geared up to go, so how exactly do you go about organising your own Escape and Pray trip? We’ve put together our top tips:

  • Teams of 3 or 4 people work best for Escape & Pray so have a think about who you'd like to adventure with.
  • There are a few options when picking your location for E&P. You could draw a European city at random from a hat, ask God to speak to you about what city to bless, or if you want a surprise ask someone to book a flight for you.
  • Check the distance of the airport from the city and also where the universities are before booking flights. Often the cheapest flights are to airports nowhere near the city.
  • You can use google flights or skyscanner to search flight prices easily.
  • Book your flights!
  • Check-in flights and print your tickets if possible. This just means there is one less thing to think about and you can be fully focused on the mission.
  • When we organised Escape & Pray we sent all teams with the following; 20EUROS or equivalent cash per person, a challenge sheet, boarding pass for outbound and inbound flights. If you're preparing an E&P challenge pack on behalf of someone else you may want to include a slip of card that says ‘you’re going to [CITY], [COUNTRY]’ to make the moment of opening the envelope fun & surprising.
  • We'd recommend that you nominate someone to be your emergency contact while you're away.
  • Remember to pack light! A rucksack with the essentials, layers you can take on and off easily, and sensible shoes are key.

If you’ve made your way through the vision, challenges, and practicalities of Escape and Pray, you are ready to plan your trip- let us know, we can’t wait to hear the stories!

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