#EscapeAndPray 2017 is just around the corner

Less is more for #EscapeAndPray 2017 as it returns for a third year with only 50 places! 

If you don't know #EscapeAndPray 2016 involved 100 teams of 2-4 going to cities in Europe for 48 hours to pray for revival on campuses and bless the city. Have a read of some of the stories. 

Teams had no idea where they were going on arrival to the airport. They kept it simple; a rucksack and some challenges including spending under 20euros. It was about seeking first the Kingdom and trusting everything else is included as we do that. 

So what's with #EscapeAndPray 2017?

Well, we want to re-emphasise the spirit of #EscapeAndPray.

We're a blessing not a burden.

We're pilgrims not tourists.

We're on mission not a weekend break.

Think the apostle Paul in Athens, the missionary stories of Acts, the teams dynamics with Barnabus and Paul.

This can be an extraordinary unmapped discipleship adventure as we capture the missionary spirit. 

We're learning to follow Jesus in the mission and trust him for our provision of accommodation, food and everything else. It's not about "where will we stay?" it's about "where is Jesus leading us?" We're trusting God to look after us as we seek the Kingdom. 

We want to be focused on praying our best prayers, connecting with God's people in the city and being led by His Spirit. There will be opportunities to pray for people, to share the gospel and to build relationships. There will also be internal challenges; 

"Where are we going to stay?"

"Is God really in this?" 

As we go and pray, seek God and serve we're modelling courage and prayerfulness to thousands of people across Europe.

If you're ready to go in 2017 then get your team together and sign up fast!

Only the first 25 places accepted are eligible for the early bird discount ending on 31st January. So, it's time to get your team together!

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