134 students praying in 36 uni cities - Escape & Pray News Day 10

Today teams landed in:

  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Caen, France
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Ghent, Brussels
  • Hannover, Germany
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Nice, France
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Venice, Italy

Wow, what a day! 134 students in 36 European cities! By the end of Escape & Pray, 333 students in 100 teams will have covered 75 cities in 25 countries, in prayer!

After being hosted by local students, our team in Paris spent time praying for locals & prayer walking the city. Last night they went for MacDonald’s with locals they met at a film screening and were joined by YWAM team too.

Last night in Vienna, our team spent time praying with a local church. After receiving fantastic hospitality from a nunnery, today the team joined 20,000 other Christians on a March for Jesus through the city. They made new friends, prayed for them and were prayed for in return.

In Luxembourg, our team ended their first day out on top of a hill in the nearby countryside! They were accommodated by a Bishop and his family who were also hosting a Romanian missionary. They shared stories and fellowship together. Today after serving that family by helping them at a car boot sale raising money for the Romanian missionary, they spent time on campus in the city centre and served in a local church as part of an outreach event.

In Milan our team were ‘blessed beyond measure’. They met with a group of students from a local church and shared a picnic with them. They prayed for them & encouraged them with prophecies they’d received during their earlier prayer walk. Full of pizza & gelato, they were hosted by a local student.

In Frankfurt our team were blessed with train tickets to the city centre. They joined a local church in welcoming some of the thousands of refugees in Germany. They ended up playing dominoes and table tennis with them! After a picnic with some of the folk at that church they were offered accommodation. Looking forward to see what they do tomorrow!

Yesterday in Munich our team joined an incredibly hospitable and inspiring worship night, and had a blast!

This morning they had a ‘brilliant Bavarian breakfast’ with their hosts and then spent time prayer walking the city and its university campuses. They had opportunity to see and partake in all that God is doing in the city. They prayer walked around local government buildings and over a site which is to host an event unifying the churches.

Our friends from the Netherlands have a #EscapeAndPray team in Manchester! It’s ace to have teams being sent back here, and to Dublin earlier in the week too. We haven’t heard much from them so we’re looking forward to hearing stories from their faith adventure on UK soil.

The movement gathers momentum. As we near the end of Escape and Pray the impact on and testimony of those who've now returned is exciting. The potential and aftermath of Escape and Pray will have untold Kingdom ripple effects. Could it be that in Europe a fire is being stoked and the universities are the kindling?

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Join us in praying for

  • The last 4 Escape & Pray teams departing over the next two days
  • Continued movement-momentum
  • For a move of God amongst church & students

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