Escape and Pray News: Day 8

The Story So Far...

Today's teams landed in...

  • Alicante, Spain
  • Bordeaux, France
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Lyon, France
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Marseille, France
  • Munich, Germany
  • Oslo, Norway

Alan and Nick have been sharing Jesus on campus today. They also completed some acts of kindness in a cafeteria. God gave them a picture of a fountain at the start of the day which they found the fountain later on. There they met a student and were able to share the gospel and pray with him. They made plans to meet again later that day with his friends

Some escapee's have returned to home soil today and are taking time to reflect on their time away. Others this evening will get a few hours kip in prep for an early departure tomorrow, when another six teams depart. 

The bar just got raised!

We can't put it better than Tim who returned from Barcelona yesterday and said: "One problem, the bar just got raised! Faith has been stretched and expectations blown and yet Jesus remains the God who is able to do more than all we could ever ask or imagine. Time for bigger dreams!"


Paul and Hugh, in Bergen felt prompted to talk to a homeless man. He later recounted how he'd had a dream that two people would come to bless him that day. "We listened to his story, met some of his needs, reminded him of God's goodness and prayed with him. He said his dreams came true!"

Later, they bumped into two students that they'd met and prayed for yesterday; they said that there was a genuine improvement in their back pain. They finished their trip helping their new friends who'd hosted them by doing a spot of DIY.



  • The ten team's who have landed today and...
  • The six team's departing tomorrow
  • More opportunities to pray for and bless Europe

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