Escape & Pray in numbers

God moved in countless ways through church & students as part of Escape & Pray last month. Here were a a few of things we could count:

1 person (that we know of) invited Jesus into their life


2 lawns were mown in acts of kindness & serving


3 people were physically healed


9 different currencies were used


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11 airlines were flown with


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12 Devotionals received a combined total of 66,419 hits


13 Day's of Escape and Pray news received a combined total of 47,283 hits


13 different nationalities of escapees


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15 UK airports


Limoges here we come! #escapeandpray

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16 new fusion connection churches in 5 countries 


25 countries were prayed for


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74 churches were represented by escapee's


75 European university cities were covered in prayer


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100 teams


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134 students in 36 European university cities - the peak of Escape & Pray


333 escapees across the whole two weeks


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634 text messages were scheduled to encourage teams teams as they departed & touched down


643 Instagram posts


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1210 Tweets


2,772 passport digits correctly inputted at check-in



3000 Calling cards passed out giving people we met a way of following up the adventure


8,164 items of information were collected from escapee's upon booking


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And too many to count:

Meals shared with new friends


Steps taken on prayer walks


26000 prayer steps around Ljubljana and the different uni faculties. #escapeandpray

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Random acts of kindness


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Church gatherings joined


Prophetic & encouraging words given

Matt Fisher

Operations Manager

Matt’s role is to plan, manage and administrate the infrastructure of Fusion. He is married to Jess, lives in Leicester and loves being in the great outdoors.