Escape & Pray News - Day 11

Today team’s landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Geneva, Switzerland. A further 12 teams are part way through their adventures. Our final two teams depart tomorrow!

We heard from our first UK Escape and Pray team in Manchester, who were sent from the Netherlands – they visited Kings Church Manchester this morning. We’ve been hearing of the resoundingly warm welcome of churches receiving teams throughout the whole of Europe today; churches embracing and excited by the spirit of adventure & vision of Escape & Pray, church & students. 

The Instagram feed is full of students reflecting on their adventures. The aftermath and outbreak continues to spread.

In Stuttgart our team came to the end of their time having playing with and entertaining refugee kids. Last night they’d attended a Gospeltribe Missions conference and had been welcomed with a dedicated German translator.

In Vienna our team were blessed with a lift to their airport from their hosts only to find that their flight had been cancelled. After initial disappointment they realised the opportunity & blessing they now had in the form of extra time- and a plush hotel room! They were straight back into the city to join a particular church where they had heard of a baptism service happening, only to accidentally land in a different churches' baptismal service! They witnessed 33 people get baptised, some of whom were refugees. They've arranged to meet some of their new friends again this evening, as well as going to a student gathering. Tomorrow they’re helping with a youth mission organisation before (hopefully) catching their return flight. 36 hrs of extra time!

In Munich our team said goodbye to their ‘wonderful hosts’ today, youth pastors for a local church who’ve welcomed them into their family and home for the weekend. They prayed for each other this morning and shared prophetic words. Similarly, our team in finishing their time in Frankfurt posted thanks for the ‘amazing hospitality and generosity from the guys at Nordstem Church’.

In Paris our team’s student host woke early to get fresh baked breakfast, before going back to bed to recover from exam revision! They were headed to Hillsong Paris this morning.

In Amsterdam our team prayed for people at the airport and then made friends with a bus driver and a pastor who helped them get into the city. They’ve received ‘great generosity and kindness’ and are now seeking God for their next step.

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Join us in praying for

  • The home run! The four teams who are part way through their adventures. 
  • The two teams departing tomorrow
  • More movement momentum. For a move of God amongst church & students. 

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