A core value of small groups is that they are a place of equipping for us to live out our relationship with God in the heart of our world. It is vital that we take the gospel into current and future workplaces and not keep it within the confines of Christian meetings.

Aim - to open our eyes to the possibility of living a full and holy life in careers, cultures, and places where God has called us to live and work.


  • To see where Jesus and Paul spent their time and discuss the equivalents of these places in our society.
  • To see God’s love for the world and his desire that we love it too and are fully involved in it.
  • To hear God’s voice for our futures, and to put incarnation and love into practice now.


What do you want to be when you grow up?!


Get everyone to write a psalm of their own, expressing their feelings towards God. When they have been read out, ask people to share what struck them about different bits of other people’s psalms. Then pray and worship into what has been said.


Spend this time going around the group asking everyone how they have got on with praying for their friends this week - Have they remembered and, if so, has God said anything specific? Pray!



Matthew 5: 13-16.


Where will most people see our light and where will it have the most effect? Where did Jesus and Paul spend their time? (e.g. Synagogue, temple, lecture hall, marketplace, the beach, mountainside, at home, in jail, social gatherings, in the tax office etc.)

These places, including the synagogues and temple, were not simply religious places, but places where people gathered, worked, discussed, exchanged ideas and socialised.


What the equivalents are of the marketplace and synagogue today?

Where are issues debated where we can be salt to the flavour of decisions, philosophies, theories and trends of our society? (e.g. The media, social media, tv, radio, film, music, fashion, journalism, advertising, internet, politics, business, education.)

read John 3: 16, Psalm 24: 1, John 17: 15-18, 1 John 1: 4-5, 1 Cor 5: 9-10.


What is God’s attitude towards our involvement with our world?

The passionate love of Jesus and Paul took them not only to the disadvantaged and those without a voice; they also involved themselves in places of gathering, of influence, and strategy.

Christians have often withdrawn from the world through fear and arrogance but a motivation of love drives out fear and should drive us right into the heart of our communities.

Our attitude should be that we embrace the world with the same passion and energy that motivated Jesus. As God’s alt and light we are part of the redemption of our world (see Romans 8: 20-23) and Jesus’ redemption came through love and incarnation which means us getting stuck in, being human and living our life to the full.


Daniel, in the Old Testament, is a good example of one who was salt and light in a godless society. His work meant that he was fully involved with his culture and God blessed him in this work as he sought to obey God and bring God’s creative word to his.

How could you serve God’s purposes in your university department, club/society or realm of influence?  Could your group get behind one of two ideas to serve an area where you can bring salt and light?

Pray for each other for the love of God that will drive you into the marketplace. Is God speaking now to any of you about your future work and your place in society? Pray that each other’s gifts, skills and abilities can be anointed by God while at university for use in the places of gathering and influence. Pray for success for friends at university and the opportunity to assist and bless them in their work.