Fusion Team

Rich Wilson

Fusion Movement Leader

Rich is responsible for creating strategy that builds partnerships and grows the work of Fusion. He lives in Loughborough, married to Ness and supports Man City.                              

Partner with Rich

Luke Smith

Fusion Team Leader

Luke loves people and he loves a good team. He lives in York and is married to Hannah. He likes golf and cheese.                                                                                                                 

Partner with Luke

Miriam Swaffield

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church to share Jesus with students in Europe and beyond. She lives in Middlesbrough, loves her neighbours and thinks she can surf.

Partner with Miriam

Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa leads the student work team for Fusion who support and train student workers. She lives in York, is married to Al and loves watching and being in musicals.                                   

Partner with Pippa

Rachel Sadler

Operations Manager

Rachel is responsible for the day to day running of Fusion's operations. She loves serving the team in all they do and helping to facilitate Fusion's big vision. 

Partner with Rachel

Jo Davis

Student Mission Developer

Jo lives in Manchester and works for Fusion in encouraging students to live for Jesus at uni. She loves language and spends most of her time in a swimming pool.

Partner with Jo

Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

Katie lives in Nottingham and is passionate about seeing students' lives transformed and creative student ministry. She loves to surf, even though she couldn’t live further from the sea, dabbles in tennis and would be lying if she said she wasn’t competitive.

Partner with Katie

Paul Eaton

Regional Team Leader

Paul is a southerner at heart but lives and works in Manchester. He loves to travel and see students living passionately with Jesus. He also enjoys sport (competition).

Partner with Paul

Viki Taylor

Regional Team Leader

Viki is a part of the student mission team and is based in Sheffield. Her favourite things are huskies, the ocean and buying too many notebooks.

Partner with Viki

Aaron Nayagam

Student Mission Developer

Aaron lives in London and is passionate about equipping the church to reach and raise the next generation to know Jesus, and in particular has a heart to invest in the South Asian churches in the UK. He is a Liverpool fan and loves Cricket too!

Partner with Aaron

Katherine O'Shea

Regional Team Leader

Katherine wants to see drama schools transformed by Jesus. She lives in Sidcup and is the student worker at New Community Church.

Partner with Katherine

Emmie Burns

Student Mission Developer

Emmie is based in York and connects with churches. She is studying psychology and loves building relationships with students around her city. 

Partner with Emmie

Christa Lyth

Fusion Scotland Leader

Christa lives in Glasgow and is Pioneering Fusion Scotland. She's passionate about seeing Scotland transformed by Jesus & loves adventuring.

Partner with Christa

Mark Huskisson

Head of Operations

Mark comes from international business development to help shape global growth strategy and nurture the leadership across Fusion.

Partner with Mark

Funmi Akinola

Student Mission Developer

Funmi is part of the student mission team and has a heart for her generation to encounter God's love. She lives in Oxford, enjoys singing and loves meeting new people.

Partner with Funmi

Ed Earnshaw

Student Mission Developer

Ed lives in Nottingham and is a student worker at Trent Vineyard. He is also a self-proclaimed Pub Quiz aficionado, and long-suffering Tottenham fan.

Partner with Ed

Maral Assadzadeh

Student Mission Developer

Maral lives in Manchester and is passionate about students finding their way back home. She studies Kingdom Theology, LOVES languages and chocolate.

Partner with Maral

Josie Russell

Communications Administrator

Josie is a placement student in Loughborough. She's passionate about seeing creativity transform her town.

Alys Tarr

Student Mission Developer

Alys is based in York. She has a passion for training student workers, and is involved with Fusion's ministry training pathways.                                            

Partner with Alys

Megan Graham

Church Relations Developer

Megan is based in York and is part of the church relations team. She is a student and she studies theology and religious studies. Born and bred in Northern Ireland, Megan can be found most days dreaming of the seaside and her Granny's apple pie.

Partner with Megan

Sam Brown

Student Mission Developer

Sam works for Fusion out of Greyfriars Church in Reading, and he loves seeing lives changed by Jesus. He adores Taylor Swift and Liverpool FC in equal measure.

Partner with Sam

Jenni Wilson

Jenni is based in Glasgow and has joined Fusion Scotland as their Mission developer. She is also the student worker at Glasgow Vineyard and can be generally found up a hill or out on her kayak.  

Partner with Jenni

Jess Reed


Jess is based in Loughborough as part of the Operations Team. She's passionate about prayer and community, and loves fluffy animals.

Mollie Morrison

Student Mission Developer

Mollie is based in Portsmouth as part of the student mission team. A Northern Irish country lass, Mollie thrives on being outdoors. She loves elephants and does the worst English accent impression.

Partner with Mollie

Ben Jackson

Student Mission Developer

Ben lives in Southampton and has been excited to see the growth of student mission in the South. He has an ever growing board game collection and a puppy called Biscuit.

Partner with Ben

Ben Jones

Student Mission Developer

Ben is based in Sheffield and has lived in a few different places across the world since studying at Exeter university. He’s deeply passionate about discipleship, students and seeing them accomplish the things Jesus has called them to. A big fan of Tottenham Hotspur, dogs & Louis Theroux.

Partner with Ben

Tash Rajan

Church Relations Developer

Tash is based in York and connects with churches. She wants to inspire students to dig deeper and reach further. She studies film and tv production, loves a good ted talk and can't resist a curly wurly.

Partner with Tash

Emma Bourne

Student Mission Developer

Emma lives in Southampton and wants to see students’ lives transformed through the church. She loves to talk, walk and adores plants.

Partner with Emma