#EscapeAndPray: Receiving and Giving

It's time to get your teams together for #EscapeAndPray. This exciting missional adventure happens over 48 hours in June in teams of 2-4. Remember the early bird discount ends on 31st January.

For many years churches have rightly been encouraged to be more hospitable. Cooking a meal for your friends in halls or your student house is a great way to reach out. But, what if our effectiveness on mission also depends on receiving hospitality from others?

If the shape of our mission is always dependent on what we can bring, it makes us the powerful ones. What if the vulnerability of having to be reliant on another's generosity places power back where it belongs?

This is what Jesus says (Luke 10:7-9)

“Stay at one home, taking your meals there, for a worker deserves three square meals. Don’t move from house to house, looking for the best cook in town.  “When you enter a town and are received, eat what they set before you, heal anyone who is sick, and tell them, ‘God’s kingdom is right on your doorstep!’

Jesus is encouraging us to see the offer of hospitality as a sign that God's opening up a Kingdom opportunity. So, on #EscapeAndPray you're not looking to take lots of money to pay for food for others or your accommodation. You're looking for the Kingdom possibility defined by someone willing to offer their resources.

Do you have faith to just bring gifts?

Or do you have enough faith to receive gifts because you are a gift?

Many times are confidence in our mission is based on the logistics, planning and expertise to pull off something of quality.

But what if that would be secondary to trusting you're a child of God sent by Heaven on a mission? Your resources are the whispers of the Holy Spirit and the boldness God gives you.

When you receive, you’re well placed to give what you have - the Kingdom of God.

Receiving comes before giving in this kind of mission. “Receiving before giving” - sound familiar?

We're going to discuss more of this receiving and giving at our training so you’ll be well prepared to think on your feet on #EscapeAndPray.

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