This last month, UK was hit by a storm  called 'Doris' and the results of this in some places was devastating. During my journey, I took a picture of a tree that took a bad hit, but still remained standing and God really spoke to me about the importance of being rooted.

Being rooted to a church during my 4 years studies at university in Leeds really helped me get through some of the most difficult seasons in my life. To have people around you who were willing to invest their time and energy into you, to support you to become all that you can be was such a blessing. 

In John 15, Jesus talks about us being branches and him being the vine and if we were to remain in him, we would bear much fruit. 

Jesus wants us to become a son and a daughter who will live out our lives to the full potential and the only way to do that is to be rooted in him. He invites us to grow in relationship with him day by day - whether than means just spending more time reading the word or just taking some time away from our daily rhythm to spend time with God. The Father's heart is yearning for intimate relationship with his children. No matter where we are in our journey with God, there is still so much more of him that he wants us to experience.

"Without being rooted and grounded in God, we cannot experience the fullness of God in our lives” - Senora Roy

Aaron Nayagam

Head of Mission

Aaron is passionate about equipping the local church to reach and raise the next generation to know Jesus, and in particular has a heart to invest in the South Asian churches in the UK.

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