A Lasting Impact

“The prayer life of our church has transformed completely.”

I couldn’t help but grin to myself as Evelyn, from the Anglican Church of Luxembourg, gushed down the phone to me about the impact that a few students and a student worker had had on their church by visiting them during Escape and Pray.

She spoke of how their boldness and obedience has shaken up the congregation and activated them into a more confident prayer life. She spoke of her teenage son being bold enough to pray out loud because the Escape and Pray team set the example. She spoke of proposing a “prep for uni” group to her church council as she felt inspired by the work that Fusion does.

What a cause for celebration! Escape and pray, in case you haven’t heard, is a 48 hour mission adventure. But as you can see from the story above, the fallout is so much more than just 48 hours in an exciting place. Whether we get feedback of the stories or not, we can trust that the impact of our Escape and Pray teams has been so much greater than the small time frame they had. So we want to continue to celebrate. Why? Well as Jo so eloquently put it:

“...because if we don’t remember… then we’ll forget. We forget God’s faithfulness, we forget his power, we forget that he does come through for us and all the ways we’ve seen that in the past.”

In the spirit of this, let’s not just remember, let’s celebrate. If you’ve heard any top notch stories, or you’ve had a great experience on Escape and Pray yourself, why not get nominating for the Student Mission Awards? In February 2018, the perfect opportunity is coming to celebrate everything that God is doing in the world of Student Mission, so don’t miss out.


Grace McSharry

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