Why I Don't Hate Exams.

I'm about to say something ruthless and radical. Ready? I enjoyed exam seasons.

Yep. I said it. Perhaps you're questioning “how?!” in your head. Perhaps you’re about to click off of this post. But hear me out.

After spending hours in the library in my first year, scrolling through social media and doing little actual studying, I quickly resolved that there must be a better way to thrive during exams. So I came up with these four tips that definitely helped me, and I hope would help you too.

1. Find a routine that works for you

Sometimes it's difficult to maintain a routine, but it's helpful to commit to one or two things during exam season that are immovable. For me, it was my time with Jesus, and bike rides. Before beginning revision, I would ensure I had enough time to start my day right spending time with Him. Sometimes that meant simply reading my bible, watching a sermon and taking notes, or a cycle down the beach praying over the day.

However you choose to spend time with Him during the busyness of exams, choose to spend time with Him.

You will find your relationship with Him will strengthen, you may feel less stressed, and you’ll be more productive starting the day right.

2. Don't study all the time

Yep. I said it. It’s possible to do brilliantly on your exams and coursework, even if you haven’t studied every waking hour of the day. You cannot develop good time management if you have nothing to manage.

If you’re a part of a local church, continue going on a Sunday. If you go to small group, carry on showing up. If you’re part of a sports team, keep going to training. If you’re not already connected with a local church, this could be a brilliant time to get connected, feel supported, as well as becoming an even better support to your coursemates. You can connect with local churches here.

3. Get creative

Do you remember the mundane comprehension exercises in primary school? I am so thankful that task was not a requirement at uni, so why do we often act as if that’s the only way to study? Get creative with your studying and dare I say you may even enjoy it a little… use colours, sticky notes, highlighters. Ask your friends over to do a study group. Make your study space an enjoyable one.

At uni, I hosted a group of girls around my house every term from my course, just to share tips, hang out and pray for each other! Some of the girls went to church, and some didn't, but we took our common interest of our degree, supported each other and studied together over tea and brownies! How can you get creative with your study time? Who can you invite over to study with you?

4. Remember who you are.

A test of knowledge is not a test of character. I am so thankful that Jesus still accepts me even if I flunk an exam, fail a year or don’t get a first. In the busyness, allow Him time to continually remind you of how much He loves you, accepts you and is rooting for you to succeed.

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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