Escape and Pray: D.I.Y

For those of you eagerly awaiting E&P 2018 tickets to drop, what follows is either really exciting or disappointing… we think you should be excited; it’s time to pass the Escape and Pray Mantle!

Between 2015 and 2017, over 200 teams were sent by Fusion to different European university cities, on a mission to pray for the university, connect with the church, and be ready to be used by God. You can hear many of these stories on our blog.

We have had 3 great years of running Escape and Pray, of God-stories and excited individuals stepping out for Jesus. As we sharpen our vision, and focus as clearly as possible on what we feel God wants us to prioritise, this year we have decided to pass the mantle of Escape and Pray to you guys!

We may not be facilitating your E&P adventures, but we have put together everything you will need to get your small group, students, or even church involved in your very own Escape and Pray. Have a look at the pages below, and get in touch if you need some E&P inspiration!


Vision: Understand why we do Escape and Pray

Challenge: Sharpen your focus with some challenges for your time away

Practicalities: Top tips on how to run a smooth E&P adventure

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