How do I lead a missional small group? 2. Worship

The Small Groups Big Mission workbook has landed and we’re seeing students across the UK receive training in leading missional small groups! The workbook asks the question, ‘what does it look like to host unmissable meetings? To lead a small group that people can’t wait to attend?’ 

The book and the training consists of 4 main sections, including creating small groups of real community, real faith, real creativity and real growth, and also provides a practical outline of how to host an unmissable small group! Based around the 4 Ws (welcome, worship, word and witness), the workbook provides you with an opportunity to think creatively around how to lead small group meetings. 

Last week we looked at ‘welcome’ and how to create a space where people know that they are valued. This week, it’s ‘worship’. 

Worship should be a core part of leading a missional small group, however sometimes it can feel uncomfortable when there’s one person with a guitar, three people singing out of tune and no access to any lyrics. But there are ways of worshipping in a small group context that includes both Christians and non-Christians. Here are some practical ideas; 

1. ‘What are you thankful for?’

Whether it be around a dinner table, going around the living room or in groups of 2-3, sharing things that you’re thankful for can help set a tone of worship. We all have things to be thankful for, setting a space in the meeting to talk about them makes thanksgiving and worship a core part of a small group. 

2. ‘What was the best thing about your day?’ 

Last year I moved in with a family from church and every night, at the dinner table, we answer three questions. 1. What was the best thing about your day? 2. What did you learn? And 3. What was tricky/difficult/challenging? 

Some of our best conversations have been the responses to these questions. The first requires finding something to be thankful about, the second requires reflection and the third can easily lead into a time of prayer. 

These three questions at dinner time are tradition and provide a simple space for everyone around the table to contribute. 

3. ‘What do you see in me?’ 

Get into pairs and tell each other what you’re thankful for in the other person. Not only will this be encouraging, but will be an opportunity to call out and be thankful for the gifts God has put in other people. Jesus' unanswered prayer is unity, and when we're encouraging each other, we're helping to build up the body as an act of worship. Christian or not, we can all pray for and encourage the gold in other people. 

4. ‘Whatsapp?’

A culture of worship doesn't have to end when the small group meeting does. Creating a group chat with regular times of thanksgiving helps everyone in the group to see that worship doesn’t just have to be in a Sunday service or a prayer meeting. 

A message every now and again that says ‘what are you thankful for?’ creates a space to share, encourage and celebrate. 

5. ‘What is God saying?’ 

Play some worship music and create a space for everyone to soak and receive. This would be a good time to pray and prophesy over one another. You’ll be surprised at how many non-Christian friends are keen to get involved!

6. ‘What does this mean to you?’ 

Read out a Psalm and ask the question ‘what does this mean to you?’. This will help everyone to focus their attention on God and promote great conversation and questions. 

7. ‘What has God been doing?’

Create a prayer book and write down people’s individual prayers every week. Then, go back over the book and give thanks for answered prayers, and continue praying. 

These are just five ways of helping people to worship in a small group context. What are your ideas? Let us know by reaching out on Instagram @hellofusionmovement. We can’t wait to hear how you creatively welcome people in your small groups! 


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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