Autumn Stories: Louis

September saw the launch of the Fusion regional teams which have provided lots of opportunities to visit university cities all over the UK! We have met with a large number of churches and have gathered fantastic stories of students and student workers stepping out in faith at uni! With this term and 2018 drawing to a close, we’d love to share some of these stories with you!

Last week we read Lizzie’s story. Next up, Louis! 

We met Louis back in October when he came along to a student huddle hosted in Portsmouth. By gathering creative students and using the Small Groups Big Mission workbook, we looked at how it could be possible to use creative gifts to share Jesus. 

The vision behind the huddle was simple: in a generation of consumers, why not create something worth consuming? This then asked the question, what could students create that would help their friends interact with Jesus?

Around the table sat a number of students whose skills ranged from film-making to poetry, photography to sewing, from writing to marketing. Louis, a Film student, was amongst the group and has recognised a need to share Jesus in the creative industry, specifically through filmmaking, television or radio. 

“I’m in a world that’s solely about expressing yourself and taking risks, so I want to use my creative skills to show others that Jesus helps me take those risks.”

As Louis reflects on the impact Jesus has had on his life, he recognises the need to share his story and views film as a way to share testimony. His choice to be a storyteller not only lead him to serve in a creative team in church, but gives him the courage to let the Jesus narrative overflow into his coursework. 

“Film enables me to say ‘I love Jesus, He’s great, and He’s the reason I have such a passion to tell stories.”  

Louis’ ‘Show Me’ Mission Style leads him to want to practically bless his course mates. With travelling to sets, long hours filming or challenging group work, Louis often asks himself how he can best serve his friends. “In those moments where everyone is grumpy and fed up, give them some water or a cup of tea, be a smiling face and show compassion. Taking care of people shows them just what Jesus would do.”

When we met in Portsmouth, a group of students shared ideas about how they could use their skills to share their faith. It wasn’t until feeding back ideas that we realised how many of the ideas overlapped, which sparked a conversation around gathering creatives together to create something for their city! As the ideas flowed, there were ignition moments in the students where they realised that perhaps their gifts were not just meant for their degree or a hobby. The huddle sparked faith, courage and creativity. 

Louis, amongst the other students, asked ‘what do you think would really help your course mates to connect with Jesus?’

For Louis, it was simple. Representing Jesus meant being a friend in a time of need. It meant staying late to help with video edits, volunteering your time to help others, or encouraging a friend who needs motivation. For Louis, it meant going the extra mile and living distinctively from the rest of your friends. 

For Louis, his gift in filmmaking is a fantastic tool in which he can share his faith. 

What about you? What are you gifted in? How can you use that gift to share Jesus? 

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Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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