Joining The Movement: Applying

Viki joined the Fusion team after she finished university in 2017, and is now on the North East Regional Team. Here she shares her experience of the application process and joining the team!

“Why should I work with Fusion?"

I think this is an important question to ask when considering applying because Fusion is unlike any other ‘normal’ job in many ways. It’s not a 9-5, it’s a calling, so asking myself ‘why?’ helped me to decide that I really wanted to join the movement. 

Throughout my time at university, I’d spent a lot of time sharing Jesus with my friends. I knew that those seemingly-small conversations with friends actually made a massive impact, but didn’t always feel confident in having them. Simply put, I loved how Fusion helped students like me to share Jesus better. I loved that working with Fusion meant I could spend a lot of my time helping students to overcome some of the challenges I faced and draw out the best in them. I really believe that students are the ones best placed to make a real impact on their campuses, and I wanted to play a part in their story. 

“But what do you actually do?” 

There are many different roles within Fusion and no role is the same. I am a Student Mission Developer, which means I get to plan trips to connect with different churches, lead mission training sessions with students around the UK and collect stories and share them. Every day is different, which I love. For more information on the different roles on offer, click here.

“Okay… so where do I start?”

Firstly, I had a phone call with a member of the Fusion team to chat about the different areas I could go into if I was on team. This was really helped me to understand what Fusion offered and how they worked day-to-day. After this conversation, I was encouraged to complete an online application form. In the meantime, I had an informal phone interview with another Fusion leader to chat more about how I’d fit into a specific team.

After this, I was invited to an interview in London. I was encouraged to write down why I wanted to work with Fusion which stirred up more of a passion in time for the interview. I wasn’t asked to send through my ‘why’ to the Fusion team but was instead encouraged to reflect on what I wrote as I prepared for the interview. I loved this! 

The interview lasted around 45 minutes and involved a short presentation answering a question I had been sent in advance. I really enjoyed the interview! Without giving too much away… I was challenged to think creatively, share stories from my time at university, as well as answer many of the normal interview questions, like ‘what would you say was one of your worst qualities?’. 

The team made me feel really comfortable. It’s really easy to believe you should have all the answers when you walk into the interview, but it was clear early on that the team are committed to raising up new leaders, and this means they’re okay when you don’t know everything there is to know. 

“I got the job! Now what?”

After finding out I was accepted, I began the process of partner raising. I had 10 months until I was to finish university, which gave me some time to start partner raising. Everyone on the Fusion team raises their own salary, which although was daunting at the start, is one of the most fulfilling ways of being paid because it’s not just about the money. Partner raising means having a team of people praying and giving regularly, which is so powerful! It means that on the days with really early starts, remembering that there’s more to me in this movement and that there is a team of people cheering and praying me on! 

"Who would want to partner with me?"

I don’t come from a Christian family and I really believed that I didn’t have many people to ask to partner with me. It’s funny how God also sees these gaps but fills them with church family who are willing to support you, as well as prompting people to give who I never would have thought to ask! Raising my own salary has taught me how to trust God more as a Father, one who wants to provide and enjoys giving His children abundantly more than we could ask for or imagine. 

It would have been easy for me let the fear of God not providing overcome my faith in doing the job, but as a friend once said, “if it’s God’s will, He’ll pay the bill”. This has never rung truer and the incredible provision I’ve experienced is just one of the many things that confirm that Fusion is a calling. 

If you want to play a part in helping raise up a generation of students who love Jesus, are bold in their faith and courageously share Jesus, then Fusion may be for you, and we’d love to have you! 

To apply for a specific role, click here, or to hear more, email Luke at 

This blog is part of a series called Joining The Movement. For more from this series, click here. 



Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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