Postcards from my dad: Steve

In a time when families are broken down, blended up and statistically you are more likely to be missing a solid father figure in your life, we decided to ask some of our friends who we think make great dads, spiritually, biologically, to the church, and to the student generation, to write to you. So just in case your dad never got to speak into your life in the way you'd hoped, here's a postcard from dad to you. 


“Love God and do what you like.” Augustine said this about 1500 years ago. I haven’t found any better advice outside the Bible. Remember that He is sovereign. Don’t get het up about whether or not you are making the right choice – of modules to choose in your final year, of applying to companies early or waiting till you’ve graduated, of deciding to do something completely different when you finish, of whether that girl or guy is ‘the one’. He has a way of working with you, around you, even despite you. 

It’s ok to be on your own you know. You don’t have to be with people all the time. I know you feel lonely at times. Sure, see who else is around but if they’re doing something that’s ok. Go for a walk. You never know who you’ll bump in to and even if you don’t the parks and trails are a joy.

Allow some flexibility in your study timetable. People don’t always pop round when it’s convenient. In fact it’s usually the opposite. That time you give them could really help them if they are in a difficult place just now. 

You can’t legislate for the faith of others. Just be faithful to share what He’s done for you. Don’t get too drawn in to proofs and apologetics. Yes, they are important but people hide behind certain ‘reasons for not believing’ whereas nobody can deny what has happened in your life. Bring it back to Jesus.  Two years after you graduate you may hear from that person who seemed so ‘anti’ saying they’ve become a Christian. I know because I got a letter just like that.


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Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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