3rd Year: Writing Home

This blog is a part 3 of a 3-part series of prayer letters between a student and God. Each blog follows the student throughout her 3 years at university and highlights some of the same prayers and questions you may have. 

Dear Dad, 

How did we get here so fast? I’m choosing dissertation topics and thinking about life after graduation. I’ve been asked the question “what do you want to do after uni?” more times than I can count and to be honest, the answer scares me. I don’t know. I don’t have the answers to the questions people so frequently ask me… should I? Should I have a clearer plan? You’ve told me in your letters that you have a purpose for me, but right now, I’m struggling to see it. But even so, I know you’ve always been my biggest supporter and I believe that you still are now. 

This year feels busier. You’ve taught me to be faithful to what’s in front of me, and what’s in front of me in deadlines, literature reviews and tutor meetings. But I also need to be faithful to what’s next - job applications, interviews and the possibility of moving. I feel a pull between the now and the not yet, and honestly, it’s hard to know where to focus my attention. 

But I have hope. 

I know that you have given me the tools to run the race set before me, and even though the days feel busier, it’s a joy choosing to read your letters. They definitely help me to feel closer to you. I want to say thank you, because you placed me around people who feel like family. People told me to find a church at university that I can call home, and I’m so glad I did. 

This time last year, I was asked to lead a small group and with a burst of courage, I said yes. Since then, I feel like our relationship has only got stronger. I thought that being a leader meant that I needed to know all the answers and present a ‘perfect’ version of myself to the people in my group. But I was wrong, and I’m sorry. All they needed from a leader was a faithful follower, and in my weakness, you’ve invited me closer. You’ve given me so much strength, much more than I could have mustered up on my own, so thanks Dad. 

You told me to come to you when I needed rest, so here I am, coming to you. Life is busier than usual and I don’t want to forget about you. Our relationship is strong, and people often ask about you, so I want to keep you a priority. I love writing to you and hearing from you - you help me to have peace even with a full calendar, and I’m so thankful. 

As I approach the end of uni, please remind me to be faithful what is in front of me, and to be filled with hope when I think about the future. You’ve already given me so much to look forward to! 

Thanks for everything Dad. 

Love you x





Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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