“It’s as big a risk to believe in atheism as it is to believe in God.” 

“What changed?”

“I’ve realised that it's as big a risk to believe in atheism as it is to believe in God.”

Josh, a student from Bath, decided to stay at university despite it closing for the next few months. Josh had consistently invited one of his friends to church over the previous year and had been met with rejection each time. Despite this, he persisted as he knew of the hope that Jesus could bring him. 

However, with the uncertainty of universities closing and life changing, Josh’s friend expressed an interest in coming to church. Josh was surprised and encouraged by his friend’s openness in a time of uncertainty. 

One Sunday after the service, his friend encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time which has led to a dramatic transformation in that way that he views God. Since that Sunday, Josh and his friend have been reading the Bible together and talking about Jesus and faith online.   

Not only this, but Josh invited his friend to watch ‘The Case for Christ’ and his friend was filled with emotion- something had clicked. 

“I’ve just realised that Jesus takes off a massive burden.” 

He’s now engaging with the idea of a small group, asking questions and learning about the hope Jesus gives. 

When asked the question of, “what changed?”, his answer was simple. 

“It’s as big a risk to believe in atheism as it is to believe in God.” 

Many students globally are engaging with church for the first time in the midst of uncertainty. 

Who can you pray for? 

Who can you invite in? 

How can you share Jesus’ voice of hope in the midst of uncertainty?

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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