Your Calling is not on hold

Students have had a tough time in 2020 – first strikes and now sent home, university days cut short, money invested and qualifications delayed. Grad balls cancelled, graduation ceremonies postponed and post exam parties left unplanned. Eighteen years of education ending in confusion and isolation rather than purposeful next steps and celebration. 

Most students and specifically final year students have had feelings of deep sadness and disappointment, frustration and anger, denial and defiance, fear and trepidation. All normal, valid and understandable considering the circumstances.

However, there is another narrative, one that is worth listening to and daring to believe.

What if this is a time for laying deeper foundations, for awakening a stronger sense of God’s calling in your life, for behaviours and habits to be formed that will lead to a life of fruitfulness and fulfilment? Your life in God is charged with hope and I want to encourage you to play the long game with God – he won’t let you down.

"Your life is not on hold, only your agenda for your life is on hold."

‘My life is on hold’ is what many people are declaring right now. However, this is not the case, your life is not on hold, only your agenda for your life is on hold. We can get very attached to our agendas and maybe this is a time where we pursue God’s agenda more than our own. 

In Colossians 3:3 Paul declares ‘your real life is hidden with Christ in God’ and this life is most certainly is not on hold. This is your only life, the clock hasn’t stopped ticking and it isn’t on hold. It is true that some of the components that make up your life are on hold, but I want to suggest the most important aspects of your life are not on hold:

seeking first the Kingdom – is not on hold

loving your neighbour – is not on hold

being a good friend – is not on hold

outworking the fruits of the Spirit – is not on hold

moving in the gifts of the Spirit – is not on hold

prayer, worship and devotion – is not on hold

our relationship with God and one another – is not on hold. 

So much of what is important and shapes our lives and destiny is not on hold. There is ground to be taken or lost – significant ground, in your own life and maturity, in the church and in the nation.

This is a time for deeper spiritual formation, not just hunkering down, distracting ourselves with media until our agenda resurfaces. We aren’t just waiting for things to get back to normal. If we wait we will lose ground. Rather we are working to create the new normal, full of new possibilities and new hope.

So let me ask you:

How are you going to use this time?

How are you going to make the most of this time?

How are you going to gain ground in this time?

The clock hasn’t stopped, no one has pressed pause and God is calling you in this present moment. Respond with everything you have, the future is safe with him.


Rich Wilson is movement leader of Fusion

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Rich Wilson

Fusion Movement Leader

Rich loves students and God’s church and has championed the important role of local churches in student mission for over 25 years. He wants to invite a generation to A Call Less Ordinary.

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