Easter Eggs in Lockdown

What do you do when you’ve got boxes full of chocolate eggs and a lockdown preventing you from delivering them? 

This is exactly what happened to students in Nottingham. After purchasing lots of Easter Eggs ahead of their Easter missional events, they were left with little place for them to go when the country was days from lockdown. 

It is said that creatives come alive in a time of crisis and at Trent Vineyard, students did just that. With social distancing in place and the country being told to stay at home, the students found themselves confined to the 4 walls of their flat with boxes of Easter eggs inside. They decided that with Easter around the corner, they would adapt, adhering to guidelines as they lived out the call to love their neighbour. 

"Creatives come alive in a time of crisis"

Amy, their student worker, tells us that at least 2 metres apart, they knocked on the doors of the people in their block and offered them an Easter egg alongside a handwritten card. While many neighbours greeted them with a smile and a ‘thank you’ followed by closing the door, others were ready to engage in conversation. 

“In one of the flats, there was a guy who used to go to church but had walked away from his faith.” He and his girlfriend stood and listened to the testimonies of the students who had found their hope in Jesus. 

“The students were able to share their testimonies with him and his girlfriend and even encouraged him to try praying or reading the Bible together at this time.” 

Not only did these students take the opportunity to get to know their neighbours, but through their boldness and creativity, they were able to share their faith and challenge their neighbour to explore what having hope in Jesus could look like. 

“The best thing is that their relationships can be kept up post-lock down.”

This is the start of a story forged in lockdown. Student mission is not on hold. 

Who can you offer hope to today?  








Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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