Students Getting Saved: 6 Student Mission Snapshots

In the midst of uncertainty, we often find hope. This has been the case for many students across the country who previously, may have closed the door to Jesus, instead being open to the hope that he offers in uncertain times. 

What could be more encouraging that stories of our answered prayers, that students would find hope in Jesus and home in the local church? Below are snapshots of different student stories from across the UK who have said yes to Jesus since lockdown began. 

  • “We had been doing Alpha as a church and decided to take it online in recent weeks. After the last session, a student who had been coming along decided to give their life to Jesus! They’re now in regular contact with their table host and are looking into joining a small group. It’s been a real encouragement for all of us, especially for the students who have been inviting and hosting.” (Nottingham)

  • “A student had recently lost her job due to the Coronavirus. She wasn’t a Christian, but in the last week we’d got in touch and offered to pray with her. She was open and said yes, and we also invited her to give her life to Jesus. She said yes! She then immediately fell to her knees and prayed in tongues. She’s connected with our church online and now has a lot more hope than she did before!” (Gloucestershire) 

  • As part of an online small group, students decided to write Psalms together. A student who had only been coming along to church a few times wrote a Psalm about God being with her in this time. It was a powerful and creative example of how students are able to draw close to God and community even online. (Reading)

"In the morning you are there, in the afternoon, in the night you still stay with me. 

I could not escape you, even if I wanted to. 

Even in my loneliness you are there. 

You declare "I am with you". 

When my door is closed to the outside, and I am trapped, you continue to open doors to me. 

Reaching out, and drawing me closer to you."


  • Lockdown has given opportunity to connect with students who have been on the fringe for some time. There is one student, and in his words, he feels that the things that have distracted him from faith in the past have gone away. He has now come to a realisation that everything is temporary and that it is God that really matters. This student has now come back to Jesus and is now regularly reading the Bible with his student worker online! (Newcastle) 

  • After seeing 6 students do Alpha this term, one student, who previously had been closed off to faith, was challenged when he saw his course mates experience the Holy Spirit at different times throughout the course. On one of the final sessions of Alpha, when learning about hope, he broke down when he realised that God was talking to him! His journey of exploring faith now continues as he joins in with an online small group. (Liverpool)

  • After trying church just a couple of weeks before lockdown, one student was invited to give her life to Jesus. She initially felt that she wasn’t ready, but as the weeks have gone on, she has accepted the hope that He offers her and is now plugged into a local church! (London) 

Have you seen any students come to faith? We'd love to hear from you! Email to share your story! 


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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