“Sharing my faith with someone is the best gift I can give them.”

“Sharing my faith with someone is the best gift I can give them.”

Becky, a final year student in Loughborough, is no stranger to sharing her faith, but with churches closed and her ability to meet with friends put on pause, Becky has chosen to take student mission online. 

“My main gift is evangelism and this comes naturally to me because I think that sharing my faith with someone is the best gift that I can give them. The great commission doesn’t just stop because of isolation.” 

You may have heard the statistics that 1 in 4 people are tuning into online church since lockdown, but students are taking it one step further. They are taking to their own social media accounts to share the hope that Jesus offers them in uncertain times and some students in Loughborough started a social media campaign called #mygoodnews. 

The idea?  Simple. Students share videos, pictures and TikToks of the hope Jesus brings them. 

The goal? To live out the great commission in lockdown. 

Becky, who chose to share her story online, received a great response from a friend in the Netherlands who had previously walked away from faith...

“One friend saw my video and got in contact. They were keen to get involved during this time and have even come to online small group and loved it.”

For many, sharing your faith online can feel daunting. The fear of judgement can often be enough to keep faith silent on social media, but when asked about how she tackles this fear, Becky responded with boldness. 

“I need to know the reason why I’m sharing and that comes through spending time with God. God has put it on my heart for friends to come to know Him and that’s my drive. I believe that God is greater than what people think. I want to fear God, not man. When I worry about what other people think, I ask myself, what is more important to me? Sharing Jesus, or other people’s opinions?”

The #mygoodnews campaign has led to many students trying church and finding home in small groups. 

How could you encourage this for your students? 

What could you do to share the hope of Jesus online?


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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