What's Next for Universities: Freshers Week? Part 3

It’s the question that a lot of student workers and students find themselves asking. As we slowly release some lockdown measures, universities opening up again in September seems a lot more possible, however, with restrictions potentially still in place, Freshers 2020 will be different from years prior. 

As you consider what student work could look like from September, we have compiled some tips and advice about how you could invite students to find a home in local church this September, even during COVID-19. 

  • "Have churches unite to prayer walk around each Uni campus in their city each day of freshers week. Once a day for 6 days then seven times the seventh day like the Israelites walking around Jericho, praying for various strongholds to come tumbling down" - Ed

  • "A party bus to provide safe transport back to campus and to also look after students." - Suzanna

  • "Offer their support to the university knowing that in Freshers when people are moving in and probably lonely and strange times compared to usual, church is there to phone students, meetup socially distanced or zoom call for a friendly face." - Mollie

  • "I think there is more opportunity for the church to be the best welcomers this year than ever! I'm thinking small groups of welcome parties, run by students for new students, invite-only, on campuses, in common rooms, in gardens and parks: BBQs, outdoor gigs, city tours, silent discos, all social-distanced, respecting the rules of how many people can gather, but giving people a taste of community." - Jo

  • "Door knocks in student area houses and deliver care packages for students that will be doing their first term online." - Paul

  • "I wonder if churches could offer grief counseling or small support groups on grief." - Miriam

  • "Loads of the strategies around welcoming students revolve around large gatherings which may not be possible or the university may not be comfortable doing. Local churches could organise and run mixers (which follow whatever guidance is relevant at the time). I am especially thinking of churches which are next to specific halls of residence. Alternatively, I remember when I went to uni I immediately went on Facebook looking for a group for my flat. I found it and met the people I would be living with before I arrived. The decline of Facebook makes this more difficult for students now to do, but the church could provide some kind of student reception for each halls on results day." - Ben

  • "Creating and giving care packages to students with a mix of nice, edible & spiritual things." - Funmi

  • "Make a massive try church online banner. Equip all of their students to share their faith. Make a try church mask for all incoming freshers. Host walks around the city to show students around." - Katherine

What ideas have you thoughts about in preparation for Freshers 2020? Share your ideas with us via social media @hellofusionmovement


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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