"I’ve downloaded the Student Linkup app and have already started to chat and connect with Student Workers!"

Every year, thousands of students leave their homes and head to university. They join Facebook groups to meet coursemates and flatmates, research Freshers events and do an Ikea haul. Many also consider what it might be like to find a church at university, whether they are trying church for the first time, or finding a home away from home. 

Susanna, who is heading to university this September, shares how she is feeling as she prepares to move away from home, find a church and navigate her first year. 

How are you feeling about heading off to university in 2020?

“I’m feeling really excited! I’m sure that it will definitely look different to any other year regarding government guidelines and restrictions but I’m sure it won’t take away from the university experience of learning, growing and making friends!”

that's great! and How are you feeling about finding a church? 

“I’m feeling really positive about finding a church; coming from a small, start-up church-plant, church family means so much to me. I’ve downloaded the Student Linkup app and have already started to chat and connect with Student Workers which has helped me find a few churches I’m looking forward to visiting!”

What is your biggest prayer for your year group?

“My prayer is for us to be unashamed, radical lovers of Jesus, radical believers who are bold in our love, communication and interactions with others. I pray that we will influence our surroundings with the love and hope of the Gospel, permanently transforming society with truth.”

What has been particularly helpful for you in preparing for university?

“I LOVED the Fusion Prep for Uni sessions! It was so helpful to join other freshers like myself in preparing mentally and spiritually; the sessions were fun, informative and impacting-they made me think more about the legacy I’d like to leave university!”

Heading to university this September? Download the Student Linkup app to find churches near you and #LinkupNow!


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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