Student Work: Alert Level - High

What does Student Work look like in your city? As Freshers find home in local churches and student work starts up again, how can student workers best support new and returning students, and how can students live out the hope of Jesus this year?  

With the announcement of a new 3-tiered system in England, it can be difficult to know how best to welcome and serve students. To help, we have collated ideas and tips in line with which tier you find your city in. Wherever you find yourself, know there is hope in Jesus, opportunity to be explored, and a purpose for the church now and always.


  • Prayer walking: in groups of six or less, commit to walking around the grounds of your campus praying for the hope of Jesus to come. Be open to conversations, bold in sharing and ready to offer the reason for your hope. To register your prayer walk and hear about other prayer walks happening across the UK, click here.

  • Fire pits and bonfires: invest in a fire pit and in groups of six, toast marshmallows and pray for each other. While you’re at it, invest in a big fluffy coat and adopt the bonfire smell throughout winter. 

  • Campus scavenger hunt: plan a scavenger hunt of key attractions in your city, including outside venues for students to meet at and local businesses for students to support during their time at university. Also, include the route from campus to church so they don’t get lost on Sundays. Run a social media campaign alongside and encourage students to post on their social media accounts where they are on the hunt. 

  • Invite students to try church: COVID secure church services are safe and fun spaces for students to meet one another. Many are craving community or wanting to try something new. 

  • Treasure hunting: gather in a group of up to six outside. Pray for prophetic words and encouragements which can be shared with strangers. This will increase their boldness and encourage missional thinking from the start of the year. 

  • Healthy rhythms: although the banana bread and sour dough making phase may have ended, it is still important for students to adopt healthy rhythms. How are you encouraging them to start and maintain spiritual disciplines? How are you helping them to love reading their Bibles and spending time in worship? How are you encouraging a healthy lifestyle? Running an event or releasing a series to support students could be a great way to encourage this. 

  • Ask students to serve: with many students’ eyes opened to injustice locally and globally, there is an openness to serve and make a difference in their city. Does your church run a Foodbank they could help with? Do you partner with local charities they could serve in? In a time of challenge, serving could not only give some purpose and opportunity to bring hope, but also help them to invest long-term in their new city. 


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Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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