Paul's top 3 stories working for Fusion

Working for Fusion is an adventure. Travelling around the country, meeting new people and raising our salaries - we often end up in surprising places talking to extraordinary people with God showing up in remarkable ways. 

Unexpected Salvation

Last year, we were running a student night for a Church in Bristol. As we were singing to Jesus, the students came up to the front to pray for the lost. We had no idea a student had walked into the Church for the first time as they were praying. We’ll call her G. G hadn’t been to Church before but was suffering mentally so her Mum had suggested she google Churches and go along to the nearest one. As we starting singing again, she began to sense the Holy Spirit and started crying. A few people gathered around her and began to pray. G was meeting Jesus and experiencing freedom and healing. One of the girls praying for her asked her if she wanted to follow Jesus. G responded with a resounding ‘Yes!’  and committed to Jesus that evening. G continues to be part of this student community in Bristol.

A word already received 

Driving through the streets of Stoke, we were on our way to meet Taps, a Church leader in the town. We meet people in all sorts of places at Fusion but this one was at a swanky Hotel (rare) where Taps meets clients in his project management work. As we were on our way, my teammate Maral felt she had a word for Taps but she wasn’t sure whether to share it. I encouraged her to share it and joked ‘he’s already received it!!’.

We arrived at the meeting and began to talk about students in Stoke and how we could reach them. Maral then shared her word which was about Welsh Revival and Stoke playing a part in the Welsh people coming back to faith. Taps looked astonished and said ‘I already received that word!’. That week he’d been leading lengthy prayer meetings praying specifically for young people in Wales and a returning happening in the nation. Someone had given him a word that his Church and Stoke are significant players in Welsh Revival. Something on the wall at the Hotel then caught my eye. It was an inscription on the wall. It happened to be a prayer of revival! We couldn’t believe it, so we began to pray for revival in the nation of Wales! Who would have thought we’d have a fiery prayer meeting for the nation of Wales in the middle of Stoke.

A chance encounter in Norway

Early on working for Fusion, I went on Escape and Pray to Bergen with my friend, Hugh. This is a 48hr adventure where you turn up to an airport, open an envelope and find out which European city you’re going to for a prayer adventure. No accommodation, no plans but just to pray and bless the city. On our first day, we took a walk around the lake in the middle of the city to pray. As we were walking, Hugh felt stirred to preach publicly so he stood on a bench and started sharing good news. Most people walked on by, a few stopped to look on but then a man approached and lingered for a while. Initially he just looked interested but then he began to cry. We wondered what was wrong so we approached him. He could barely get his words out but began to explain he’d been walking around that lake for 20 years praying for missionaries to Bergen to call people to repentance. He had been stirred for years to pray and fast for the city that the comfort and wealth of the city would not distract the people from the gospel. He couldn’t believe that we’d come to the city just to pray. We walked together and prayed for the city, Hugh and I were so energised to pray and encourage this man of God!

I share these stories to encourage you there are adventures all around you, ways to participate in God’s dream for the world. Even in lockdown, ways to sow seeds in your friends’ lives through a text or conversation, writing a letter or even having a conversation with a neighbour. How might you participate in God’s story?


Paul Eaton

Regional Team Leader

Paul found faith just before going to uni and became passionate about reaching his mates as a student. He loves seeing students find home in church and has a heart for welcoming international students.

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