5 ways to refresh our hope this February

‘We’re not going anywhere’ - merely a depressing fact of lockdown, or a rallying call for us as student workers in this season? 

Student workers are here - demonstrating to students the presence, reliability and steadfastness of Christ amidst the storm. God still loves students and we’re not giving up on them, we’re not losing hope, we’re not going anywhere - we’re in it, for them and with them. Sometimes keeping that energy up, though, is hard, so here are five things we can do to refresh our hope, our connections and the disciplines which will help us run well. Might there be one or two things here which could help refresh your hope and energise you in the coming weeks?

1. Refreshing our vision for the term

If you didn’t get a chance in January, its not too late to take time with God and with others to seek hope and wisdom around your goals and priorities for the coming weeks.

- What would you love to see happen amongst students?

- What are the key priorities for this term? 

- Are there key dates or deadlines and are they in the diary?

- What CAN you do and what new opportunities does this season afford?

- What are the things you're going to be ok stopping or letting go of so that the priorities can happen?

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2. Check in with your team

- What are their hopes, expectations and dreams for this term?

- What is in place to help you walk well with them in the coming months?

- What is your vision for this term and how can you help them engage with it?

- What do they need to carry out their roles well and are they confident of the support available to them? 


3. Get on the same page as your church leader/line manager

- Communicate/look over afresh your vision for the term and your plans for seeing that happen

- Invite their insight and wisdom

- Ask for any help you might need from them or the wider leadership

- Pray together


4. Decide to listen well

It’s more important than ever to be watching and listening to what God is doing, what’s working and what’s not. Make a choice and make space to listen well and to be ready to change or to persevere as you go. 

- When and how are you praying about your student work? Where are you having time in Scripture to draw near to God and hear his encouragement and his leading? Get time in the diary. 

- Who in your team is good at observing culture amongst your students - how can you listen well with them? 

- Who else can offer wisdom as times and regulations change? Is there space in your diary to talk and pray with them? 


5. Work as if for the long-haul

It can be tempting to get our heads down and push through, holding our breath for when it all changes. Now, however, is the perfect time to live disciplines which will serve us not just in this season, but for the long haul. 

- Where will you make space for rest over the next few weeks? Get it in the diary.

- What new skill do you want to learn, or area of wisdom do you want to grow in this term?

- Who sharpens you and how can you make time with them?


There are a lot of questions there, but just choosing one area, or maybe two or three questions, can be a good chance to pause and check in with how you are doing. 

They are also good questions to consider with others. Why not go through some with your team, another student worker or get a call in with a Fusion team member - we’d love to listen, pray and process with you. 

Now is a good time to pray.
Now is a good time to hope.
Now is a great time to be working with students.


Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa supports those in church based student ministry to do their job really well. She loves challenging churches to work with students and equipping them to pioneer new mission opportunities to reach students.                     

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